iPhone, iPad, Android app's

SumoBox mobile app development is the result of a constant stream of requests directed at a small crew of interface designers and programmers:

"Where can I get my custom iPhone app built?"

While the opportunity to create mobile app's for hire was an enticing work prospect, we didn't even consider marketing our services until we formulated an intelligent programming system and design approach that addressed specific market needs and encompassed iPhone And-droid (and-other platforms). Sumobox is a growing proprietary library of building-block modules. This design approach enables rapid protoyping of custom app's that really work and are responsive and compelling. Each module is built from the ground up for the capabilities of each phone platform (including the growing category of odd-Android platforms) and is tested thoroughly before submission for verification.

The SumoBox app philosophy

“ Before anything else, preparation is the key to success.”

App's are initially developed for android, then iphone/iPad.
Wide-release or simple app's may also be versioned in MS Mobile and Symbian as project specs allow.

We understand that app usability is a higher priority than app marketability, the sumobox focus is to deliver an app that will make the user feel great, and deliver you a profitable business tool.

Our specialty is to build easily distributed, event-driven app's that include advanced options like SumoShow or in-app billing (SumoSell) or simply create event-inspired, targeted marketing opportunities.

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