So you want a performance app?

Why a performance app?
Audience interactivity?
How about a paperless program?
What about all that high bandwidth material you want to sell?
What about merch? large 150Mb phone apps?
What about those 1000's of cell phones recording your licenced material?

Sumobox has teamed up with an industry leader in large scale wifi to bring you the power of high density gigabit wifi - and the apps, centrally managed, direct to (and from) your audience and at blazing bandwidth.


If you are a promoter or a venue, we can have your gigabit wifi set up to serve video, fat content, entire digital collections F A S T and to hundreds of users simultaneously with no lags.

SumoShow Gigabit Mobile-Wifi Service

Your venue - or your tour can serve your smartphone savy fans a bounty of services and souvenirs. At the venue, the apps kiosks and ads entice a simple download. Once the app is downloaded, the network is active and your custom and rich experience is guided. Rent or purchase, sumobox can help.

rapid deployment wifi

  • Wide covereage range
  • Quick physical set-up
  • Preconfigured
  • Managed with 2-point redundancy
  • Wide coverage (1000+ feet line of site, 200+ feet with obstructions)
  • High user density (200+ simultaneous users per array)
  • Flexible uplink options via Ethernet - DSL, Cable, 3G, Satelite

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